Enjoying Every Moment Of Life….

In today’s world of cutthroat competition every body wants to reach on the top position.Neither do they care about other feelings or nor do they enjoy the mother nature or the  small cherish able moments in life. let me give you a practical example which one of my friend shared with me this morning.

As usual he was jogging in the morning,while doing so he noticed a man nearly 500 m or so ahead of him,and he was about to finish his routine with only 1 km left to go. So,he was all set to leave him behind and he became more focused and increase his pace,slowly and steadily he increased his pace and started closing him.While doing so he was so focused that he didn’t notice what is passing by him.what he was seeing is just the man running in front of him.Although he passed him before finishing.After finishing he realized that he was so focused that he has passed his house and covered 1 km extra.

This is what happens in life we are so much focused in competing with our classmates,colleagues,neighbors ,friends or family that we stop enjoying the life and take it as burden.Remember that always their will be some one ahead of you every where and cant we try to prove every one that we are better than them.We waste our energy and time in this unhealthy competition that we forget our own path or the destiny which that almighty has decided for us.

Due to this some people become insecure seeing that what other people are or what do they have.Take what almighty has given to you proudly whether it is your personality,height,weight or some tough situation in life.Dress properly live a healthy life and stay focused.There is no competition in Destiny run your own race with you own pace and wish other well. COZ U ONLY LIVE ONCE………………….




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